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Timeline of Major Events Empty Timeline of Major Events

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History is split from past and present by a cataclysmic event of discovery. In the crux, the secrets of magic were released to the mortals at large. All events before this "Year 0" are Ancient History and the time of Barbarianism. This Ancient History is given the designation of BM or Before Magus. The time after Year 0 is designated History, AK, After Knowledge.

Year Event
4000 BM The Gods disappeared, they were not cast down. They were not usurped. They were not taken over. They simply were
there one day and gone the next.

2000 BM New Gods arrived and began demanding worship from the mortals. This caused a rift in those who worshiped.

1000 BM The Elven Empire decided to decline into hiding to keep their secrets of long life and skill.

700 BM Those who did not worship decided there was no Gods and rose up to cast out those who believed. By violent exile
those who believed were destroyed or forced into hiding.

400 BM Due to the corruption and non belief of the majority, the Gods allowed Demons to invade the mortal plane. Millions lost
their lives. Planet wide population reduced by 80%. Non Believers refused to believe.

100 AK The discovery of tenzenite, a precious metal with near magical properties.

300 AK A war involving all races was fought over the final deposits of the rare metal, tenzenite.

500 AK The first mortal discovered how to access and use magic. The Great Elven Sorcerer Zotur.

520 AK Population recovers from the Demonic Invasion to pre-Invasion levels.

570 AK The War of Men. Men believed magic to be a gift from demons to the Non Believers. Zotur shares his knowledge as aid
the Non Believers. Races of all kinds joined sides.

580 AK The Kingdom of Men to the North declines in population due to religious civil war.

620 AK Meteor Shower increased the Goblinoid growth by 300%. The War of Men ends.

720 AK The Second War of Men. The Believers gain Divine power. Non Believers accuse them of using magic under another
name. Again, a world war rages.

750 AK The Second War ends due to lack of able bodied soldiers.

790 AK The Kingdom of Dwarves flourish due to monopoly on last tenzenite mine.

880 AK King Alazir of the Elves is assassinated by Non Believers for religious beliefs. The Elves split in two.

900 AK Diplomatic Ambassador Atero, Human, makes a treaty between the two Elven parties.

970 AK Goblinoid Genocide due to massive infestation.

994 AK Present Day.


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