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The Journal of Arevir Astrum Empty The Journal of Arevir Astrum

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April 21st, 994
Today I awoke to a village in flames. I was surrounded by several half-elves whom I didn't know as well as a very odd half-orc and a very discolored gnome. When I stood I noticed several small creatures I recognized as Goblins and their master Hobgoblin. But it threw me off for the Hobgoblin was taking directions from a Tiefling. I've only encountered them a few times as they are quite a rare species but I know them to be double edged and self serving. Which I supposed suits the kind of honor Goblins have. Behind the Tiefling was a titan of a Goblin. I could only imagine him to be the brute of this little raiding party in the village. The Tiefling was in charge but I knew the Brute to be the threat. I ran for him.

A half-elf trying to take on the Tiefling was in my way so I jumped up using my skills from the forest and made way for the Brutes head. Stabbing my scimitar into the shoulder of the beast I began to beat away at it's skull with my mace thinking it to be the weakest part as most natural creatures. Whilst I was atop the beast a half-elf tripped upon himself trying to help a human get a Goblin off his person and the Half-Orc did what I could only describe as THROW the gnome at a Goblin! THREW AT A GOBLIN! Why I would never let anything throw me. The beast attempted to remove me from his head and failed. As do most creatures do against me. And before I knew what was happening I see the half-elf who was taking the Tiefling mightily head on was gutted! Luckily her nearly fatal wound was not in vain for she stuck her sword fairly well into his torso. Out of nowhere then comes this heavily dark skinned half-elf to try and fight the Brute I am on fist to fist. What a stupid stupid Half-elf. One would think with half Elven blood he'd have something in his head, or some human cunning, but no. The beast did what can only be described as DESTROYED the stupid Mix.

I then jumped off the beast and attempted to heal this poor creature. The beast then JUMPED over me and this fellow to attack. I healed the man and he thanked me by lighting me aflame. HA! AFLAME! That is the last time I offer my services to him. We finally defeated the beast with the Orcmix once again throwing the Gnome. Now this is where it gets interesting.

I have no recollection of what happened before today, nor do my "companions" as one could call them. So when a Captain of some militia arrived, at the END of the battle, and began informing us of these great perils in the land we awoke I paid close attention. There was a Barbaric civilization taking Goblin slaves and trying to conquer the lands to the West; A Dracanoic wyrmling to the North; Rumors of a "Youth Giving Pond" to the South; and Civil War to the East, which I can only imagine is the center of this poor kingdom or country or whatever it is I am in. This Captain, Captain Dehvlen as he called himself, was our only connection to this world and he offered us a job and travel to the town he was stationed at. Obviously this town in which we battled, in flames, is useless. And so we left following this mysterious Captain to an unexplained town in a foreign land. A great journey awaits these new friends and myself...Hobey Ho.


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