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Kailydora's Biography and information

Memories are fleeting.
Today I found myself dazed and confused from a great explosion that rendered me unconscious. luckily with time my memory has rushing back but to avoid felling quite that lost I have decided to write my thoughts and hopes down, that in case of something similar would happen I would have my own words to fall upon.
My title is Kailydora and I am a species that is not meant to be neither elf or human I am shunned from both peoples. My peoples look upon my face with pity and fear I am rash and not as quick of wit as the elves and yet stronger and quicker than my human counterparts in a rush of passion my mother a regal elf and my father a Gallant worrier created me under the stars after a great battle. Their act was one of great dishonor my mother went away from home to avoid the negative reprocations of what was already done and hid me with a rumored half elf women in which I affectionately call Nanna. My mother visited us periodically but never for long and always looked upon me with such sadness I would avoid seeing her just to avoid feeling like her life greatest mistake. Nanna on the other hand looked at me with such love and joy I was hers and like her. Nanna was very care full with me the only place I was able to visit was a monastery a day's walk from the house where I had a play mate also a half elf but at twelve it was necessary for us to relocate and their by abandoning my only play mate. As time went on Nanna allowed me to do more and more as she had trained me to be able to defend myself from multiple attackers. At the age of 17 I become board with my lot and blamed my precious Nanna for trapping me and holding me back I thirsted for adventure to see more know more. I wanted connections Nanna was the anti social one not I and many humans looked at me strangely for continually hiding; I had nothing to hide. why must I be trapped under a hood because of my slightly pointed ears and slanted Eyes. I decided one day I was going to go visit my old friend at the Monastery but knowing Nanna would never allow it I was forced to depart under darkness without her permission. Many days have I looked back to regret that adventure. I showed my face and was hunted for it and after escaping those who would have me killed I arrived to find my friend had been gone for more than a year. I rushed home thankful to have some of Nanna's great cooking and loving stare to find her missing the house ransacked. Deciding it would be best to leave was the most difficult thing not knowing wither I would ever see her and who had attacked us. I walked and walked and walked Sleeping in barns and living off the land. Came into a town to get more supplies after a month of being on my own i was knocked out and awoke to a horrid mess but surrounded by such a group of miss-fits that they made me feel almost normal. So many half elves one who reminded me of my child hood friend but couldn’t be him for he was much too confident and full of himself but never the less a handsome man. and half Orik who was not brilliant but not mean as Nanna had taught me with a little brightly colored female. and an elf that was darker than any I had ever seen. If only I could show Nanna this group I know she would be in shock and awe as I am.

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