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Post  Quayzarus on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:00 am

To get to the point of who I am is more important than describing what I am. Half Elf, Half Human. I have a habit of learning magic, since its in blood. I just keep doing crazy things by taking the road less traveled. I have had many adventures, but not all of them are happy memories. I lost my family because of my lack of caution. I still regret not learning the lesson sooner. I have been blinded, burnt, cursed and stabbed, but now I know that you shouldn't provoke the wrath of forces you cannot control.
I used to dabble in tinkering like the gnomes do. I built a murderous little machine that I thought I controlled. After giving it an order or two, I gave up on it working. It decided to work after I cast a spell to destroy it. The damn thing ripped out my eye and killed my daughter as she tried to catch him. She was never the timid type. She was a warrior, and I miss her. As revenge, I destroyed the damn thing. tore it to pieces. I used them to repair my eye. In honor of my Alicia, I stitched the amulet she carried to my chest, just above my heart. I can still hear her singing sometimes. If only she were still here.


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Post  Thateus on Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:47 am

wow that's a lot of information i'm very sorry to hear about your family, perhaps we can make up for it in some small way by saving as many innocent people as we can in this crazy war.


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